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Conflict Fatigue In America - It’s Time For Peace 

Written by Michael Thervil 


The consistent barrage of war talk coming from war hawks in Washington D.C, to the unchecked genocide that Israel is executing against the people of Gaza in their failed pursuit to "rid the world of Hamas", which has lead to riots on college campuses in America; then there's the persistent political saber-rattling combined with the waging of economic warfare between the Collective West and the East; its safe to say that many people around the world are begging for peace. Whether the political elites would like to admit it or not, "Conflict Fatigue" is a real thing and with politicians hyper pushing war and conflict into the hearts and minds of not only Americans, but people across the globe will have devastating effects on the world order as a whole. Even more than that, it can also be said that Conflict Fatigue much like Combat Fatigue adversely affects people the same way.  


Some of the shared symptoms are feelings of irritability, depression, the inability to make decisions, a decrease in motivation and drive and the feeling of anxiousness. Those same issues, especially when combined with socio-economic stress, do nothing but exacerbate the social illness presented here. It should be noted that Conflict Fatigue leads the people of a society down a road of not only feeling helpless when it comes to solving the issues of conflict that they are facing but, it increases the likelihood of them feeling both powerless and insignificant within their society. Any way you slice it, when the people of a society become Conflict Fatigued – they ultimately withdraw and simply stop caring and begin discarding their ability to effect change when it comes to the global order.  


Don't take our word for it, just look at the situation in Ukraine. Regardless of their political stance on the situation in regard to the Ukraine-Russian war, people around the world are tired of it. They don't even talk about and are careless about where Ukraine is on the world map. We have empirically seen Conflict Fatigue occur when it comes to conflict in Africa, the same thing occurred in terms of America's “9-11” and it was felt overwhelmingly during both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now it's getting ready to happen again regarding the situation in the Pacific between the Collective West, China, and Taiwan.  

People around the world appear to have gotten tired of conflict and war, because the only thing that benefits is America's Military Industrial Complex, American Politicians and world leaders who financially benefit from these wars and conflicts. Meanwhile the average person on the street in America and the rest of the world is financially broke, food insecure, and living paycheck to paycheck just barely getting by. Complaints are one thing, but let's talk about potential solutions. One solution to stopping America's Military Industrial Complex and the people who benefit from it is to stop voting and participating in elections on all levels. Will the American people do it? Most likely not.


Another solution would be for people to stop going to work. Although this is seen as an extreme position by many, nothing sends a message more than stopping the flow of commerce. Yes, it's an extreme move, but it's highly effective one. Another solution, although contrary to our position of taking a peaceful approach, is people getting outright violent with politicians. The reason why we can't discount the recommendation that people engage in acts of short term mass violence to achieve results is because violence or the threat of violence works. The America of today didn't become America by altruism. Europeans occupiers killed Native Americans and stole their land, enslaved Africans and made them work to death to build America to what is now. This was done with no remorse and by willingness to utilize all means of deadly force to maintain their dominance.   


At the end of the day, it is what it is. Now is the best time for the promotion of peace on an international basis before things get really out of control. When the world gets to the point of no return, here’s simply no coming back from that. 

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