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French Kicked Out of Africa & Into Ukraine

Written by Michael Thervil

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It was reported over the weekend that France has sent military personnel into Ukraine. The caveat is the military personnel that they sent over were not the traditional military of France but instead were the military personnel of the French Foreign Legion. It seems through history that France has been the first to start a war in some poverty-stricken countries where the rulers and/or officials of that country are overtly corrupt. Then when things get “too hot” in the country the French always seem to find a way to pull out, resulting in the country facing socio-economic turmoil.


Countries that should come to mind are countries like Haiti, Chad, Niger, Senegal, Benin (former Black American slave catchers Dahomey), Guinea, Mauritania, Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, and let’s not forget about the French Indochina which was the start of the Vietnam War. It just seems as if the French just don’t have what it takes when it comes to longevity abroad; and now they (French) want to get involved with the Ukraine-Russia war. 


To date, France has denied that they are sending anyone over to Ukraine; however, the Russians are finding that the opposite is true. According to Russian officials, they are seeing more and more French Citizens among the dead as Russia acquires over 200 square miles of Ukrainian territory within the recent month. Whether both France or Russia’s claims are true, the one thing that everyone watching the political chessboard around the world can confirm - is that the French President Emmanuel Macron, has been espousing provocative statements that suggest that he is in the position to send French military forces to Ukraine in an attempt to counter Russia.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has already provided a stark warning to France and other NATO nations that wish to test the level of commitment and measures of resolve that Russia is willing to execute regarding the Ukrainian conflict on the borders of Russia. Additionally, it should be known that if France or any other NATO country wishes to not only insert themselves into the conflict in Ukraine and/or send any part of their military personnel into Ukraine; they will be considered legitimate targets to Russia according to international rules and regulations. 


This revelation also includes America, who were in talks to either send or deliver American F-16’s to Ukraine. The reason why this is something to take note of is because the American F-16 has the capability to deliver a nuclear payload. although the Americans have not stated or demonstrated that they would transfer anything nuclear to Ukraine. If Russia observes any possibility, even with the slightest of resemblance to an F-16 near their borders, Russia has promised to treat the aircraft as if it was carrying a nuclear payload. In short, Russia will destroy the aircraft. For Russia, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it’s a duck; no matter if it’s a decoy or not. Politicians and world leaders are all shying away from France’s provocative comments towards Russia as reckless, fool-hearty, and if not outright stupid. The world is hoping that French President Emmanuel Macron sees the light and comes to his senses.

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