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Russian President Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Bluff – The Nuclear Option

Updated: May 13

Written by Michael Thervil


Photo by Natalia Kolesnikova (AFP)

As the Ukraine-Russia War continues, it seems as if Russian President Vladimir Putin is advising Ukraine and the Collective West to reach reasonable conclusions on not to further advance NATO towards Russia’s doorstep. The proverbial doorstep we are referring to is a buffer zone that Russia is currently advocating within Ukraine. Although Russia may see the creation of a buffer zone inside Ukraine as a pragmatic endeavor, the Collective West in contrast doesn’t share the same perspective. Recently President Putin stated: “We will be forced at some point, when we consider it necessary”. Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that he doesn’t seek to either escalate or broaden the war past the borders of Russia and Ukraine.


But it seems the Collective West and specifically French President Emmanuel Macron are doing everything in their power to not only frustrate Russia to a breaking point and/or to miscalculate their next strategic move regarding the war in Ukraine, but French President Emmanuel Macron is currently threatening to send French troops into Ukraine. The consideration of such a move by France, is not only escalatory – but it’s considered downright stupid by many people and political pundits around the world.


It was at this point that Russia was forced to enforce their hardline stance against nations meddling in the Ukraine-Russia war. Currently, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the claim that NATO personnel are already in Ukraine and that he is open to using any means up to exercising the nuclear option to prevent the further encampment of NATO personnel in the region. What this means for Russia is that, even though they were trying their best to advocate for a buffer zone, the French President Emmanuel Macron’s threat of sending French troops to Ukraine combined with the Collective West providing weapons additional funding operation to Ukraine is seen as nothing more than an unnecessary provocation in the region.


This unnecessary provocation will lead to Russia forfeiting the idea of creating a buffer zone, decreasing the likelihood of a peace settlement and opening the door for Russia to deploy nuclear weapons. If Russia decides to utilize nuclear weapons on the battlefield, it was reported that it is more likely to strategically strike multiple NATO infrastructure and weapons depots well beyond the borders of Ukraine. Under international law, NATO’s infrastructure and military weapons depots are considered “legitimate targets”. It was reported that the Russia military is currently conducting military drills centered around the efficient deployment of nuclear weapons against NATO.


Whatever, military countermeasures Russia decides to employ in order to repel the expansion of NATO near its borders; many people around the world in contrast to the political elite think Russia should deploy. But the question that should be asked is: Why is the Collective West purposely antagonizing Russia to the extent that they’re preparing to deploy nuclear measures knowing consequences that will follow?”. We would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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