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$60 Billion In Aid To Ukraine – The American People Are Asking WTF!  

Written by Michael Thervil


Here’s the truth most American people don't even know where Ukraine is on a world map and could care less; thus, they could give less than a George Bush fuck about Ukraine. There we said it. The reason why so many Americans feel this way is because there are so many other things that they feel they need in their country. From road to infrastructure repair, to funds needed for their education system which according to scholars “is a complete failure”. Then there is the issue of an overpriced healthcare system which is so economically overinflated people are afraid to call an ambulance to pick them up when they need emergency services first. The list of things that not only this $60 billion aid package which is going to Ukraine can do for the American people is astronomical.  


Then there’s the issue of student loan debt. To date the politically corrupt nation of Ukraine has received well over $75 billion in aid from the United States. It seems that the American Rapper Tupac Shakur who was killed in 1996 was right when he criticized the American government when he stated: “they got money for war but can't feed the poor”, and the poor people he was talking about were the poor people right here in America. When it comes to the homeless population in America the understated number is 653,104 which is a 12% increase from last year. What's even worse is the amount of homeless U.S. Military Veterans that are in America which come to the total of over 35,000. Again, both of these numbers are estimated and could very well be more than what's presented in this article.  


People all across America are furious at what their government is doing – especially when it comes to their politicians attempting to give the failed state of Ukraine another $60 billion in aid. Questions such as “How many losing wars can America afford to fund?” come to mind while simultaneously striking a devastating blow into the hearts of Americans making them feel as if their government doesn't give a damn about them. When the American people see their government doing shit like this, it gives them yet another reason not to trust their government – and at this point, why should they?   


Their feeling of resentment and disdain is justified when one considers that the socio-economic issues surrounding healthcare as mentioned above, people being either underemployed or chronically unemployed, drug addiction, gun violence, violent crime, the country having a poor literacy rate, the decline of the U.S. Dollar, uncontrolled economic inflection and having to work 3 part time jobs just to get by, and the decadent state of moral values are at the current issues of the day that of the list of every American.  


It seems as if the people in America are fed up and have had enough. But the number one question people around the world are asking them is: “What are you going to do about it?”. Not only is that a tough question but it marks the first time in a long time that the American people are forced to look in the mirror and decide if they're going to take any action towards their government or not. If they do nothing, then the American people as a population are considered weak on the international stage.

If they take any physical action towards their government, they're considered domestic terrorists by their government. If they try their luck in the political arena - they will either get brought off and paid for, or they’ll end up getting ignored and forgotten about and washed out by the endless bureaucracy and red tape by their local, state, and federal governments. Until the American people can figure out what they're going to do – the only think they can do is say fuck Ukraine while doing nothing to help themselves out of their helpless situation.


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