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Biden Administration Signs 10-Year Security Deal With Ukraine

Written by Michael Thervil

Photo by AP/Evan Vucci

Yesterday at the G7 Summit, the United States signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement with Ukraine. With this 10-year security agreement comes a $50 billion loan. For many Americans that are watchers of the geopolitical chess board, they can easily see how problematic this deal can be, not only for Ukraine but for the United States. Ukraine, a country that is globally known to be corrupt, is predicted not to keep an itemized list of where the U.S. backed funds will go and how these same funds are going to be spent.


Even more than that, the amount of blowback that is sure to manifest itself is another geopolitical issue that many people are weighing in on the world over. Remember, wars, whether proxy or not, are a two-way street. With the U.S. funding Ukraine against Russia – so shall Russia fund countries like Cuba and Venezuela. This is something to really think about when you consider that the United States doesn’t really have the capabilities to stop an open-air threat that may very well come from a country like Russia.


This revelation should also be made abundantly clear given the fact that Russia could place both its hyper-sonic and nuclear weapons arsenal in Cuba, which is 90 miles south of Florida with a reach between south and North Carolina. To date, Ukraine still doesn’t have any strategic relevance to the interest of the United States government. So, the question of the day is: “Who benefits?”. The answer to that question is closer than you think – it’s the American politicians who benefit.


It was also reported that the Biden Administration has made this 10-security deal with Ukraine “Donald Trump Proof”. The reason for this is because it’s a well-known fact that Donald trump has openly stated that he would pull America out of the Ukraine conflict. For many Americans it’s a sign of relief. Likewise for the U.S. Military Servicemen that are currently operating in that region of the world, it’s a sign of relief. The reason why we at VEDA Magazine can take this position is because the service men and women of the U.S. Military will come back in body bags given the fact they have never faced off against a military of equal or greater matched power and skill.


What’s disheartening about this security agreement with Ukraine is that by the United States monetarily funding this 10-year security deal, it will not only push America further into debt, but it will significantly increase interest rates in America. With that significant interest rate hike, the only people that it will affect are the average everyday citizen within America. In the wise words of Milton Friedman – “There's no such thing as a free lunch”.


Moreover, it was also reported that this 10-year security deal doesn’t need the approval of Congress to become binding. That’s a big slap in the face of not only the U.S. Congress, but again to the average tax paying U.S. Citizen. Making matters worse the United States was not the only country signing off on such a deal to send military aid to Ukraine; countries such as Italy, United Kingdom, Germany (who is completely broke), and as of today (Thursday, June 13th) Japan, will also be signing such a deal with Ukraine.


Justifying this security deal with Ukraine, it was stated by US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan: ““By signing this, we’ll also be sending Russia a signal of our resolve. If Vladimir Putin thinks that he can outlast the coalition supporting Ukraine, he’s wrong. He just cannot wait us out, and this agreement will show our resolve and continued commitment.””


In fact, Russia can wait for the United States and its allies out. Why? Because Russia is not financially broken despite the over-weaponized sanctions that America and the Collective West has put on them. Russia produces more military weapons, ammunition, and military vehicles than every country that is supporting Ukraine. Keep in mind that just as Ukraine has America and the Collective West as its allies, Russia has China, Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea and more as its allies.


The world is changing, and it seems like America and the Collective West are purposely ignoring the world changes in real time. Cutting Russia out of the SWIFT Banking system was the worst thing America could have done as it will only embolden Russia and the BRICS+ nations to create successful ways to circumvent their involvement and use of the SWIFT Banking system altogether. And when that happens, there will be no sanctions that American, and the Collective West could apply to countries like Russia.


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