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Russia Discovers 511 Billion Barrels Of Oil In British Arctic

Updated: May 27

Written by Michael Thervil

Alexander Karpinsky, operated by Rosgeo

Last week it was reported that Russian geological company, Rosgeo, discovered roughly 511 billion barrels worth of oil in the British Arctic Territory.  If you know anything about the Arctic, you should know that the Arctic has been grossly sealed off from the businesses of trade and commerce since 1959 Arctic Treaty in which the nations that created and signed the treaty stated that the Arctic should and will only be utilized for peaceful purposes, expeditions, and exploration, and of course, scientific research. However, in light of the world changing, there are many in the Collective West that doubt the stated intentions of Russia; especially when this much oil is at stake.


We are able to make this claim because since Russia was forced to begin its Special Military Operation in Ukraine which has now led to a war between the two countries because of NATO expansion; it has led the United States and the Collective West to weaponize the use of sanctions on Russia. Currently with the sanctions on Russia on its 20th round, the sanctions appear to have failed in not only alienating Russia from engaging in commerce around the world, but these sanctions have failed to stop Russia’s economic and trade growth within the international community. It should be noted that even though U.S. sanctions have adversely affected markets and people around the world, most of the blowback of U.S. sanctions have appeared to significantly hurt U.S. Citizens and the European Union EU member states the most.


In terms of Russia’s discovery of 511 billion barrels of oil within the British Arctic, which has an estimated worth of $78.46 as of May 21st, which equates to $40,093,060,000,000.00. You read it right, it’s a little over 40 trillion dollars. It’s said that all people including all nations seek to enhance their own self-interest. It's our position at VEDA Magazine that Russia should act in its own best interest and crack the ice and extract the oil. Why? Because times have changed. And with a change in time is a change in perspective.


Remember the world belongs to those who are strong enough to take it and hold on to it. And right now, Russia is in the position to do so. The U.S. is currently embarking on a war on four fronts (Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and the South China Sea), as well as dealing with issues on their economic front. And the British (United Kingdom) will run out of ammunition in a fight by noon the same day the war starts.  Three words come to our mind when it comes to Russia’s oil discovery in the British Arctic – “seize the day”.


It was also reported that it was the Russian company Rosgeo, who is the largest geological exploration company in Russia who discovered this vast Arctic oil reserve. Currently, it’s also reported that Russia is maintaining its commitment to abiding by the rules and regulations of the 1959 Arctic Treaty. However, the Collective West doesn’t trust Russia’s word at the moment. Come to think about it, why should they have given all the sanctions the Collective West has placed on Russia to undermine their economy and national security. The Russian discovery of 511 billion barrels of oil is not only a geopolitical game changer for Russia, but it’s a game changer of international proportions in every market and sector in the modern world.


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