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Spain, Norway, & Ireland Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Written by Michael Thervil

Video by Firstpost


May 28, 2024 would mark the day that three additional European countries would recognize a Palestinian state. For many people around the world this is a joyous time because the people of Palestine have been struggling for decades to be recognized as a state by the international community. On the other side of the coin, Israel and its supporters not only remain opposed to the international recognition of a Palestinian state, but they feel as if recognizing the existence of a Palestinian state does nothing but reward Hamas - who they deem as a Terrorist organization.


The three additional countries that recognize the existence of the Palestinian statehood as of May 28, 2024 are: Spain, Norway, and Ireland. It should be noted that at least 7 other European countries have recognized Palestine as a state prior to the official recognition day of May 28th; all of which are a part of the European Union. Many people are asking why are these countries just starting to recognize Palestinian statehood now when they had the opportunity to do so for decades prior May 28, 2024? The answer to that question is because they want the all the hostages from both sides returned to their perspective countries and as well as the war in the region to end. An additional factor would be to stop the Palestinian death toll from rising which has claimed the lives of mostly innocent women and children. moreover, Spain, Norway, and Ireland feel as if its their moral duty to do what they can to also stop the war from spreading even farther outside the region which has incited other actors such as Iran and Ansar Allah known to the Collective West as the "Houthis" to come into play.


Furthermore, Israel's war in Gaza is affecting the socio-economic conditions of other countries. From rising oil and gas cost to the surge in oceanic logistical and transport cost, many countries are nearing their wits end when it comes to the Israeli-Gaza-Hamas War. From the positions of Spain, Norway, and Ireland, the idea that there can be a two-state solution is also highly likely as well. Although many people around the world applaud the efforts of Spain, Norway, and Ireland when it comes to recognizing Palestinian statehood, they still remain skeptical that a two-state solution is achievable.


This is especially true when the Palestinians don’t have a military force that could act as a deterrent to stop Israel from their continuation of genocide in Gaza. For Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he holds the position that if Palestine is recognized by the international community as a state, then somehow it would become a terrorist state. What he is failing to consider is that he himself is directly responsible for the creation of Hamas. The creation of Hamas by Benjamin Netanyahu was a pretext to create and install an Israeli proxy so that a political mechanism of control could operate throughout the Gaza strip. Over the course of a decade's Benjamin Netanyahu provided billions in funding to Hamas, thus essentially funding Hamas’s rise to power in the Gaza strip. The irony lies in the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu now wants to destroy what he himself built. This is akin to what many would call "buyer’s remorse".


Currently to date there are a total of 140 countries around the world that have recognized the Palestinians state. The question that’s on a lot of people’s minds is how long until that list starts to gets longer.

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