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Arrogance Of John Kirby On The Iranian Counter-Offensive 

Written by Michael Thervil 

Press Coverage by PBS NEWS HOUR

We have never seen such an arrogant liar as Admiral John Kirby. The hubris of America on the international stage especially when it comes to the issues that plague West Asia in conjunction with the counter-offensive globally known as the “Iranian Slap” on Israel over the weekend know no bounds. Yes, it is true Iran launched over 300 rockets and drones in their retaliatory response towards Israel. However, the fact that the American Government lied to the American People by stating that they have no idea of the advance warning Iran provided to Israel and the Collective West is nothing short but bullshit. 


The reason it's bullshit is because the world was notified via YouTube and various other media outlets that Iran was going to launch a counter-offensive within “48-hours"as of Thursday/Friday of last week. Keep in mind that slapping someone is never meant to cripple, but to cause public embarrassment because it denotes the fact that the person being slapped is somehow “less than” and not worthy of the “slapper” destroying them. Again, Iran is in possession of hypersonic missiles – which it did not deploy so as to not escalate tensions within the region. 


As we previously wrote in an article entitled: “Hezbollah Brings The Rain To Israel”, we stated the following: “It should be worthy of note that Iran has been “restraining” itself and absorbing attacks by Israel for a long time, and others that support Iran feel that Iran has absorbed enough attacks from Israel and now is the time to launch an offensive.” We also asked the question and provided the appropriate answer within the article: ““Can Israel stand a chance against Iran without the help of America?” Many people feel that Israel cannot sustain itself in a fight with Iran or any other country that has the ability to fight back without help from America.” The point of the question has been confirmed; and that is Israel cannot successfully defend itself from Iran without the help of America and in this case France, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Jordan. 


Remember this military response by Iran is a “slap” not a bullet, this is why Iran didn't seek out to destroy any citizens of Israel or their homes. In other words, the correct interpretation of the actions executed by Iran are just to send the message to Israel and to the Collective West that they can be “touched”.

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