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Breaking: Israel Reengages Iran, How will Iran Respond?  

Written by Michael Thervil  

Cell phone photo capturing Iran intercepting Israeli drone photo by unknown witness


It has been reported that drones have been shot down over the Iranian city of Isfahan. Keep in mind that Isfahan, is a strategic location for where Iran operates its nuclear facilities. This new provocation comes days after Iran had conducted its first state on state counterattack which included Iran launching over 300 drones and missiles towards Israel in retaliation to Israel carrying out a bombing campaign on an Iran embassy in Syria that resulted in the deaths of several top Iran military officials.  


Although there was no damage reported in Iran, this new Israeli provocation comes days after Iran stated: “If Israel takes any further military action against it would be immediate and at a maximum level”. This warning to Israel came after Iran launched its counter strikes and announced to the world that it was “done” with the matter, in an attempt of good faith to reduce the chances of escalating the situation in west Asia.  


What's infuriating world leaders and average everyday people around the world is that Israel behavior on the world stage is being seen as the equivalent to a teenage misfit that is purposely wreaking havoc on the world stage and whose actions are unnecessarily resulting in the upsetting of worlds commerce markets. World leaders have been calling for restraint on both sides, but they have been really leaning on Israel to stop their war efforts in the region – to no avail. Currently the world is bracing for Iran's response in the hopes that they don't make good on their promise to retaliate towards Israel with an “immediate and maximum level” response.   


Currently, it has been reported that Iran is rethinking their nuclear options when it comes to responding to Israel. To be specific, the Iranian Guard's Commander Ahmad Haghtalab who's in charge of Nuclear Security stated: “The threats of the Zionist regime against Iran's nuclear facilities make it possible to review our nuclear doctrine and deviate from our previous considerations”. He further stated: "If the Zionist regime wants to take actions against our nuclear center and facilities, we will surely and categorically reciprocate with advanced missiles and against their own nuclear sites”.  


The Americans have informed Israel that if they launch another strike on Iran they would “be on their own” (paraphrasing); but Israel being Israel has not heeded the words of the Americans who they solely depend on for defense purposes. Two questions should come to mind regarding this situation: “Will America keep its word and let Israel suffer the consequences of their actions on their own?” or “will America allow itself to be suckered into cooperating with Israel and their war efforts against Iran. Keep in mind that Israel is about the size of New Jersey and Iran is nearly the size of Alaska. Currently Iran is investigating the downed drone that was intercepted and is not actively seeking a counter operation towards Israel at this time. It should be noted that America is claiming this is an Israeli retaliatory strike attempt, however the Israeli's are not claiming responsibility. 

This situation is still evolving - we will provide updates as they develop.

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