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F-35 Lighting Stealth Cracked By Iran 

Written by Michael Thervil


Photographer(s) unknown

There used to be a time when the American Military ruled the skies, but those days will be fading from memory in the coming months. It has been reported that Iran has developed military defense capabilities that are able to not only track but defeat the Lockheed Martin's F-35 Fighter Aircraft. The name of this game changing 5th generation aircraft defeating Iranian long-range defense system is called the Bavar-373 which got its start in 2019. It was also reported today that the capabilities of this Iranian defense system rivals that of both the American Patriot System and the Russian S-300 Mobile Air Defense System.  


This robust Iranian made air defense system boasts a range of slightly over 185 miles per hour with an altitude ceiling of roughly 75 miles. On top of that, the Bavar-373 can track 100 targets in the air and can destroy several targets at the same time when coupled with the Sayyad-4B missile. This is a game changer not only for Iran but for the battle for air supremacy between all nations that possess the military technology to embark on such a quest. It should be noted that, Iranian military officials stated [paraphrasing] that this new stealth destroying weapon system needs to be tested in a real-world application. 

There is no doubt that NATO countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia will be seeking to either acquire or develop the aerial technology needed that will help their future aircraft increase their stealth capabilities. In doing so, there are people out there that are asking “When is enough – enough?”. Both military top brass and war-mongering politicians will insist that their prospective countries need to keep up with the latest military technology. However, the vicious weapons making cycle of the Military Industrial Complex that only seeks to create superior military technology under the guise of deterrence. This will only lead to the inevitable – open war. As all of this is going on, it's the average man on the street who not only does not have a say so in how their governments spend their taxes, but it is him who has to pay the bill. 


Like or not, America may not have what it takes anymore to maintain dominance when it comes to air superiority or when it comes to enforcing American hegemony (as all empires must end at some point in time). But this doesn't mean that the next era of military superiority of any kind will necessarily belong to Iran or any other country either. The truth is the future of military superiority, no matter the kind, will always be perpetually up for grabs.


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