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Hezbollah Brings The Rain To Israel  

Updated: Apr 15

Written by Michael Thervil  

Video by Republic Times

It was reported that Hezbollah has launched over 40 to 50 rockets towards Israel while Iran is on the brink of unleashing a retaliatory attack on Israel because of Israel's air assault on an Iranian embassy within the border of Syria on April 1st. During today's Hezbollah rocket attack which occurred at 1:45pm (GMT-5); Israel was able to intercept several of these rockets near the Lebanon border. What's strange about this, is that Israel claims that “no damage” was reported. People are finding this hard to believe. 


People within the region reported that over 100 were fired from both sides, due to Israel's Iron Dome being activated to intercept rockets launched by Hezbollah. Many people around the world estimate that the tensions between Israel and Iran will continue to rise. It should be worthy of note that Iran has been “restraining” itself and absorbing attacks by Israel for a long time, and others that support Iran feel that Iran has absorbed enough attacks from Israel and now is the time to launch an offensive.  


It was also reported that Israeli has also intercepted at least 2 Hezbollah explosive UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that crosses the borders from Lebanon to Israel. This seems to be just the beginning of the expected Iranian assault on Israel, the question is “Can Israel sands a chance against Iran without the help of America?” Many people feel that Israel can’t sustain itself in a fight with Iran or any other country that has the ability to fight back without help from America. As always, the world is watching.

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