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Niger Rejects American Military Presence   

Written by Michael Thervil

AFP via Getty Images

It's been said that the African country of Niger has been instrumental in the American fight against Jahidi Extremism, but the question is who has it really benefited? According to the people of Niger, the presence of the American Military and the Collective West in their country has done nothing but created hardship for the people of Niger. For the American Military, Niger is a strategic location to both store and launch their man and unmanned drone systems. However, the luxury of time for America in Niger has come to an end.   


It was announced on Saturday that the country of Niger since kicking France out earlier this year has now had enough of the American Military in their country. The people of Niger protested heavily outside of the American airbase, holding signs that stated: “U.S. Army, you leave, you move, you vanish. no bonus, no negotiation”. Although it's been said a lot, the notion of ,"American Hegemony" is coming to an end.    


Although the complete ejection of American military forces and assets in Niger is underway, U.S. Military leaders and politicians in Washington D.C. are stating that the lives of American Military personnel in the country are in danger. The people of Niger don't seem to care, they just want America out of its country. If you're wondering who the country of Niger is turning to, it's Russia. In fact, it can be said that the entire Sahel region is turning east to Russia. With this pivot to Russia will come both China and North Korea in some capacity or another.    


The speculation is that while Russia is providing security and military training for the Armed Forces of Niger; the Chinese will be investing into Niger's infrastructure and other forms of technology, and the North Koreans will more than likely be providing weapons. For many military brass and politicians in Washington D.C. this sounds like a load of bollocks. But it isn’t. This shift towards the east is the new reality of not only Niger but the entire region of the Sahel.


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