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Scott Ritter: Muzzled & Blacked Out

Written by Michael Thervil

Photo credit Sputnik. Andrey Bortko

Yesterday could be marked as another shameful day in American history because as of June 5th, 2024, it marks the day that the American government may have unjustly violated both the 1st and 4th Amendment rights of one of it’s own citizens by seizing the passport of former U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer and Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter. As you well know, this wouldn’t be the first time the American government has violated the constitutional rights of it’s own citizens. However, in the case of Scott Ritter, who has been labeled as an “Information Terrorist” by The State Department, this is regarded as yet another significant turning point in American history. Even though Scott Ritter hasn't committed any act of crime according to sources, he is through the eyes of the American government, seen as a threat to American Foreign Policy when it comes to controlling the public perception of not only Russia, but Israel, Iran and China in America.


Yesterday Scott Ritter was supposed to board a flight with plans to not only visit several cities throughout Russia in an effort to shed a light contrary to that of mainstream corporate News on Russian culture, their perception of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine as well as their perspective on the American people. Additionally, it was reported that Scott Ritter was on his way to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) as well. For many people that are still in shock that the American government would violate the constitutional rights of one of it's own servicemen and public servants – this situation now serves as a case study of how far the American government will go to silence anyone who dares offer a different perspective when it comes to geopolitical relations; especially when it comes to a country like Russia.


For many Americans, Scott Ritter's journalistic expedition to Russia would have been viewed as an eye opener. We can take this position at VEDA Magazine because Americans are generally insulated due to their geological location from international news coverage that may relay news and information that may be different than what the American mainstream corporate media tends to report. If you don’t know anything about Scott Ritter, outside of being a former U.S. Marine and former U.N. Weapons inspector; he is also considered a well-known vocal insider and Journalist that informs people on an international level on what’s really happening inside the world of geopolitics, especially when it comes to Ukraine, Russia, Israel, China, and America.


Since the start of both the Russian Special Military Operation and Israeli-Palestine-Hamas War, he has been rightfully critical of the stance and actions of the American government. Make no mistake about, his journalistic message when it comes to these geopolitical events is not only insightful and impactful but is 100% factual and undisputed. The fact that the American government has seized his passport in an effort to silence him, combined with the fact that the Ukrainian government has placed a bounty on his head tells you everything you need to know about Scott Ritter.


When it comes to his now canceled and blacklisted flight to Russia, it again should be stated that Scott Ritter was only going to Russia so that he could inform Americans of what's truly happening in Russia with sincere efforts to construct and maintain a true dialogue between American and Russia citizens. In other words, Scott Ritter was embarking on this trip to Russia to bring the people of two nations together; instead of taking the route of the American government which consisted of sowing the seeds of division and discord when it comes to normalizing geopolitical relations with Russia.

If you wish to listen to find out the geopolitical perspective of Scott Ritter, you can reach him at his website here.


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