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UN Security Council Discusses Situation In Gaza  

Written by Michael Thervil  


United Nations Security Council video coverage by AP

Just over three hours ago the United Nations Security Council convened on the actions taken by Israel on not only “systematic” bombing that resulted in the killing of the World Kitchen Workers who aren't even Palestinian; but the killing of health workers. Many world leaders who attended the United Nations Security Council referred to the actions of Israel as the “slaughtering of Palestinians''. Countries such as Algeria, Guyana, Slovenia, Malta, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China, Japan, France, Ecuador, Republic of Korea, United States, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, State of Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Poland, all voiced their concerns at this Security Council meeting.  


Outside the obvious illegal military actions of Israel against the people of Palestine in pursuit of attempting to rid the world of Hamas (which many are predicting that Israel will fail at), the various war crimes committed by Israel which ranges from the bombing of hospitals and critical infrastructure to the engineering of famine and starvation onto Palestinians was also addressed and rebuked on face value. The vast majority of the United Nations Security Council members are urging Israel to allow the necessary food and medical aid into Gaza to offset their wrongdoing. Currently, the Palestinians are surviving on 245 calories a day on average due to the actions of Israel. moreover, it was estimated that at least 221 food deliveries would have to be delivered daily to combat the man made feminine that Israel has created.  

Palestinian child suffering from malnourishment in Rafah photo by Mohammed Salem/Reuters

United Nations Security Council representative of Slovenia, Samuel Žbogar stated that “the use of starvation is a weapon of war”. Augmenting that, Switzerland United Nations Security Council member stated: “Without a ceasefire, starvation is inevitable”. The consensus amongst the U.N. Security Council members believe that there should be an immediate ceasefire. But many people around the world seem to sense what's really going to happen; and a ceasefire is not one of those things that's going to take place. And that is regardless of whatever Resolution the United Nations Security Council comes up with, it will only be seen as more lip-service to the world.

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