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Will Iran Launch A Counterattack On Israel? It Should in 48 hours.

Written by Michael Thervil  


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi

At what point does the world say enough is enough when it comes to putting a stop to what Israel is doing to not only the Palestinians in Gaza but now the people of Iran and Syria? Just two days ago, Israel bombed an Iranian Embassy in Syria that led to the deaths of several high-ranking Iranian military Generals and Commanders and the question that's on everyone's mind is why? The last thing the world heard was that Israel was going to rid the world of Hamas in Gaza; but now it seems that Israel is expanding the reach of its military to include two other countries - Syria and Iran. Again, the question is why?  


One plausible explanation why Israel decided to bomb an Iranian Embassy in Syria is because they want America to play a wider role in it’s war against Hamas. Keep in mind that Hamas does receive funding from Iran. So, by bombing an Iranian Embassy which is a move that would most certainly provoke both Iran and Syria to respond, it would serve as an incentive for America to respond more than it already has if or when Iran decided to launch its counterattack towards Israel.  


Was the bombing of an Iranian embassy in Syria a move of brilliance or stupidity on behalf of the Israelis? Maybe it's both. What we mean by that is that it's a brilliant strategy in the short term so they can get what they want from America - but in the long term it's stupid. Why? Because like life, when it comes to geopolitics, everything is connected. The long-term implications of the actions of Israel could mean the price of gas and energy could spike to levels the world hasn't seen in decades. It will interrupt the international shipping and trading of goods and commodities.  


On top of that it will cause the governments of nations to pick and choose sides thus further dividing people in a world that is already divided. On top of that, if America militarily responds due to Israel's actions that provoked Iran to counterattack, it will further place America in the crosshairs of other nations who have been just waiting for an excuse to attack mainland America. This would further strain American resources thus putting everyday Americans in destitute. Keep in mind that America is currently funding two wars (Ukraine Russia and Israel-Gaza-Hamas) and has over 750 military bases in 80 countries around the world. This war could push America off a financial cliff that will lead to civil disorder within America. There are so many implications that we simply cannot mention them here.  


In short, the blowback of a conflict between Israel/America/Iran will be incalculable. There is no way Israel can't fight both Hamas, the other 40 militant groups funded by Iran, and both the Iranian and Syrian armies. But maybe Iran should counter-attack and destroy Israel. Let's face it, without America, Israel is a weak country - much like any other country that America backs and supports. Maybe by Iran destroying Israel - maybe the Israelis will get their act together, because as of right now, Israel looks like a rabid dog that needs to be put down anyway.


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