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U.S. Puts 100% Tariffs On Chinese Imports

Written by Michael Thervil

Make no mistake about it, the only people that are going to be paying the price for the Biden Administrations trade and economic war on China will be the American People. We are saying this because whether American politicians want to admit it or not, the average American Citizen is broke and is turning to extreme discount stores in order to purchase the basic necessities that they need to live off of on a day-to-day basis. Guess where those basic household items are coming from – China. Adding insult to injury, just about everything that Americans and the rest of the world consumes for that matter, comes from China.


Known as the “manufacturing plant of the world”, there’s simply no chance that any one country, especially the United States, will be able to decouple or successfully enact sanctions on China. This includes increasing trade tariffs to either slow China down or punish them for what politicians are calling: “over production”. Last time we checked at VEDA Magazine, the United States believed in capitalism, and it was those “god damn Commie bastards” that were the major threat to freedom and democracy. That was in the past, so we digress.


The truth is, not only does America believe in capitalism when it’s convenient; from the looks of it, America seems unable to keep pace with the manufacturing and production capabilities of China. If you ask a memeber of Congress, they’ll state that the reason why they are putting 100% tariffs on Chinese imports is because it will affect the jobs and livelihoods of the American worker. We are calling bullshit on this claim because the average American worker works in retail, food service and hospitality, and other service sector related jobs – not manufacturing and production.


Another hard truth is that the only reason why both the Biden (and Trump Administration) are placing 100% tariffs on Chinese imports is because they simply can’t compete with Chinese manufacturing capabilities. The 100% tariffs placed on Chinese imports are nothing more than the weaponization of the law in order to retard the trifecta of the Chinese economy: manufacturing, production, and international trade. Another unfortunate takeaway is the cheap manufacturing of EV’s (Electric Vehicles). Where a Tesla may set you back $70,000, a Chinese EV may only set you back $15,000-20,000. This is simply a no-go for both the American auto and oil and gas industry.


These draconian tax measures on China do nothing more than demonstrate how weak America has become as an industrial base and it also articulates our willingness to prevent the “Hidden Hand” of the market to do its job; and that is to allow freedom of competition in the marketplace which allows the consumer to decide on who should be dominating a given market. Right now, America is looking really un-American on the world stage, and in the end it’s the average consumer in America and around the world that ultimately and literally pays the price. Remember everything is interconnected. This is proof positive that the politicians in America have utterly failed.


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